They say heaven is a place on earth. I know this to be true at a place called Redfish Lake.

Redfish is part of my identity. Every summer, we camp for a week up in the stunning sawtooth mountains. It's my paradise. Water. Mountains. Family. That's all I really need.

This past week was the best. I adopted Josh for the week, and he became the first honorary Rasmussen son. He fit right in. We also completely surprised Ali with him being there. Also, I had this moment when I was with Josh at 10 pm at a WinCo in Twin Falls on the drive up when I said..."well Joshua, I think we've done it all together. After living in Israel together and now this." I love that boy to the moon. He's one of my very very best friends. I was in heaven spending time with all my cousins too. It's been a few years since some of them have been, and it felt so good to have them back!

We ate the best food. We swam in the cold water. We skiied. We hot-pott-ed? We bought ice cream. We reflected. We jumped cliffs. We wore mustaches. We saw mammoth rocks. We ran 16 miles. We played king of the hill. We slept in tents. We packed up in the rain. We had good times.

Till next year.

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  1. Seriously some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Miss you carl, can't wait to be reunited with you!!