sister sister.


Moving home this semester for my internship has been…bliss. I can’t get over how much I LOVE being home. I love living in Salt Lake. I love my job. I love my friends here. But most of all I love coming home to the tall and pretty people that I get to call my own. I’ve always had a great relationship with all of my family members, but for some reason, this period of time feels different. You know when you are experiencing something, and you just know you’ll remember it, because it’s special for some reason you can’t put your finger on? It’s almost like you know you know you’ll never get to re-create your current situation again, and the higher powers that be are telling you to just catalogue every detail in your brain because what you are experiencing is going to be a really good chapter in your book of life. 

Anyway, that’s how I’ve been feeling since January. I have this hypothesis that my sisters and I have an unspoken understanding that this might be one of the last times in our life when it’s just the three of us; so we are taking full advantage of loving and living and experiencing everything with each other. I was thinking about it; in a year—Allie will probably be on a mission, Kate will probably be on her way to Princeton or some other crazy Ivy League school…and me? Well I wish I knew. I’ll be in school, or working, or married (except probably not that last one for a good while…). Basically, we understand that right now there’s no far away colleges, or husbands, or careers pulling us away from each other, so we can just soak up all the good that comes from living under the same roof. I love getting woken up by Kate practicing the piano at 5:30 AM (p.s. she is UNREAL). I love coming home way too late, and having Allie sitting at the bar after her night out too, and talking about boys and life and anything else that two sisters talk about at 2 am. I love our “MUSSENS” family chat thread that keeps my phone happily buzzzzing all day long. I love going to the gym with Allie after work, and cooking some healthy dinner with Kate way later than people should start cooking dinner. I love going to my dad’s singles ward with my teenage sisters, and I love watching 25+ year old men try to flirt with them at socials…(lol). I love that sometimes we meow at each other and try to watch Lord of the Rings (for the first time in our lives) but it’s way too long. I love a lot of things. But mostly, I just love the feeling that’s in our house right now that I can’t totally describe.

The three of us have been on a hectic ride the last two years. A flooded house. Kate’s back surgery. Allie almost dying of internal bleeding. And just last month ALLIE’s back surgery. (Yeah…either I’m a miracle child or the recent Rasmussen medical plague is coming for me too). Even though it’s been tough and scary at times, it’s definitely brought us closer together, and made us see pretty clearly how lucky we are to have every minute that we do have together.

So there’s my little personal detail for this chapter that I’m really loving right now. I hope my sisters know how much I completely adore them, and I’m real happy that I somehow got stuck with them.

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