Where do I begin? Galilee was beautiful. In a lot of ways. Galilee was good to us. A perfect change of pace. A perfect place to walk where the Savior walked. A perfect place to contemplate. A perfect place to better friendships. A perfect place.

Galilee full of good moments. I always knew I would love it. I'll keep it brief, and let pictures speak for themselves. I was silly, so I don't have a lot of pictures of my favorite moments. Moments like running early in the morning, the air still hot and heavy, the sea to my side, with some of my favorite people. Moments like playing in the warm sea, trying to accomplish the most difficult human-stacking feats while the waves washed in on us. Moments like observing the faithful members of the Tiberias branch, the opening prayer said in Spanish, the Sacrament blessed in Hebrew, and hymns sung in Arabic. Moments like playing slender man on the beach, and having Eliza literally chuck Jason's computer out of fright. Moments like sneaking out at 1 am to go swim in the sea under the starry sky with my favorite people. Moments like thinking about my Savior, and coming to know him just a little bit better.

Galilee was full of good moments. And I feel really lucky to have experienced every single one.

Church of the Annunciation
 Cole @ our first glimpse of Galilee
 One of 100 reasons some girl will be lucky to marry Dan Stirland
Another one of those 100 reasons. Look at him.
 Jesus Boat Rideee
 Church in Tiberias
 Tiberias Class Picture
 Jr. Witchurches
 Cliff Divers @ Akko

 Akko. Me, Jason, Jessica, Josh, Jenny, Liza.
 Jenna, Alex, Ali, Jason, Carl, Josh

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