JC champs.


Here at the Jerusalem Center, we like to organize tournaments. Because what Mormon doesn't enjoy a good game of church ball? Anyway, last night was the championship for the boy's basketball tournament. We made quite the event out of it. A singing of the national anthem, announcers, warm up music, nick names like "the iron dome" and the "drain", player numbers, trophies made from tp rolls, and a crowd of girls + the Nickel's to watch. It was entertaining to say the least. We can still have a good time when we are locked in the JC and have the occasional rush to the bomb shelters now an then ;) 

josh's entrance.
 yes, those are snap off pants.
 national anthem.
 national anthem.
 1st place trophy, 2nd place medals.

 the crowd.
 half time show w/dr. nickel.
 kiss it brad barber. kiss it.

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  1. Wow thanks for this post Carli! It's so good to see the happy, familiar faces of those I love having a fun and SAFE time while we follow our over-eager press here in the states.