birthday boy and burgers.


the other week. one of the best had his birthday. BRIAN PASSANTINO everyone. he's as good as they come. probably the only boy I will ever let whisper violent threats in my ear while smiling at dinner. he lets me and ali have tummy time (he even goes and gets our bean bags for us), he buys us diet cokes, he keeps us safe when the city is scary, and he always makes us laugh. extra talented at dancing, talking like elmo's baby, and roasting people while still making them love him. oh and he is the best basketball player in the whole wide world...I love him a lot. and I'm super glad I get to be his friend. 

to celebrate we went out and found the most expensive, most American, most greasy burger we could find in Jerusalem (it even had bacon...which is unheard of here). then we went out and did a little exploring in the old city. I hope he had a good day...because we sure did. 

love you BRI!

brian and slater the duo of the year.
praise the heavens. so good. 
wall in the old city.
 because doors rock.
 holy sepulchre.
 dome @ holy sepulchre.
 our favorite secret aremenian section in the church of the holy sepulchre.
more candles.
and some more because they are my favorite.
 these guards scared me at first. but now it's weird when they aren't around.
 jewish quarter.
 these little details are what make old cities wonderful.

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