water and watermelon.


today was a good day. a really good day.

I should’ve seen it coming. we were going on a second field trip for the week, and the menu for dinner simply said: “AMERICAN FOOD” (yes it was in all caps too.)

today had all the elements (well 2) of a classic-AMERICAN-summer’s day (water+watermelon)(just fyi. I’m just going to start writing AMERICAN in all caps now because it’s fun and also I love AMERICA).

the day started by walking to the city of david. first we watched a 3D movie about the ancient city…then we learned about a lot of history and politics of the surrounding area. (p.s. the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is complicated…and the more you learn about it…the harder it gets to form an opinion…) then we walked through the tunnels—the ancient underground water system the city had built. water was flowing through the tunnels, and we walked through the low ceiling passageways for a good 40 minutes. I almost felt like I was in a slide at 7 peaks in AMERICA. we had headlamps, but when we would turn them off—it was dark—completely dark. when the lights were off my brain literally could not tell if my eyes were open or shut, it was super disorienting. but super fun.

after the water adventure (side note: being able to play in water in a hot and dusty city is completely glorious) I went and took a solid nap with my white duvet ;). then the day ended with dinner.

AMERICAN FOOD. I was going to skip dinner…because the oasis (the dining hall here at the JC) is keeping me a little too well fed. but then I saw things that were calling my soul. burgers. fries. watermelon. a common appearance in America—but not in Jerusalem. it was so completely satisfying. I’m writing this—and still smiling about it. the best meal I’ve had here so far. it was just a little peek of my favorite things about summers back at home.  so do me a favor, and while your in AMERICA go get your feet wet, and enjoy some good watermelon for me—because they are 2 ingredients for a perfect summer’s day. seriously—do it.
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