The Happiness of Pursuit.



Confession. I've watched three rated R movies in my life. This (Hector and the Search for Happiness) is one of them. Granted, two choice scenes must be expertly skipped through. Besides that, this movie rocks my socks off. I won't attempt to give a synopsis of the whole thing because you should just watch it on Netflix and then we can chat. I did want to talk about this one scene though. The happiness of pursuit. I've been thinking a lot about that lately.

If you think about it, our entire existence is one of of progression. Sometimes I get fooled into the classic "I'll be happy when..." myth, aka the pursuit of happiness. Instead of the "I'll be happy now..." mantra, aka the happiness of pursuit. We are designed to pursue. Pursue development, relationships, accomplishments, etc. True, when we reach significant milestones in life, there is often a short period of happiness. But when I look back on my life, it's the experience of pursuit that brings me joy. It's the years I spent in the gym with my volleyball teams, not the actual games won. It's the late nights studying for exams with friends, not the grades. It's the being lost in the streets of Rome with my family, not the Colosseum. You get the point. Think about it for a second and you will agree with me...I promise.

Additionally, I think figuring out this whole happiness of pursuit deal is more important that just figuring out how to be happy on this earth. I think subconsciously, I've always thought that I'll have "arrived" when/if I make it to heaven. Set me up in my mansion with my family and I'll be good to go right? WRONG. I believe that we are eternal beings. Our progression will never cease. And in order to one day become like God, I need to figure out how to find joy in my pursuits. In order to be happy for eternity, we need to learn how to be happy because of progression.

Anyway. There is my thought of the day. Of course I think it's pretty great and I have zero idea how to apply it to my life. But bam there it is.

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  1. Carley this so perfect and I love you. We'll figure it out haha I'm trying to learn this too. Be happy in the here and now because if we weren't meant to be where we are, we wouldn't be there. Looooveee you!!