canyons and cousins.


This past Saturday was golden. I kind of HIT THE JACKPOT because I get to have my best friends and cousins so close to me all the time. We planned a group date up the canyon. My cousin Taylor was the mastermind behind it all. I brought the dough. He brought…well everything else. We made homemade pizzas at Southfork in Provo Canyon. Despite me being a slight diva for a few minutes when I was taking my sub-par pizza production personally, the night was magic. The air was crisp. The mountains were stunning. The food was good. And the company even better. After we ate, we set up an outdoor movie. We froze our toes off, while we watched a movie under the clear starry sky. We stayed there for hours after the movie ended, just talking and soaking it all in.

So here’s some advice. Do yourself a favor. Go up the canyon. Now. Because fall is falling fast. And there are too many pretty moments to be passing up for anything else.

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